Flying Ninjas Take Their Battle To New Heights – The Sky.

A Ninja video is flying through the internet. Tow cosplayers take their battle to new heights. 

A new video has taken the world by surprise. Didn’t think the cosplay community had anymore tricks up their sleeves? Wrong. Watch this.

It might only be a minute long video but its better than some of the rubbish on the site now-a-days. whilst men-children clog the site with frustration and controversy these ninja’s bring the fun back.

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We’ve all wanted to become a ninja and to train for years, but these guys have mastered it. they’ve progressed through the stages and uncovered the secrets of ninja flight.

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Despite them not actually being flying ninjas, being able to manurer the jetpack and the fight choreography is some seriously impressive discipline.

You’ve got to love the enthusiasm and the artistry. 

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  1. Damir Radovic

    2nd April 2018 at 1:01 pm

    ooooh, I thought this was real 🙁 first thought was ‘Great, so we can play Quidditch now! ‘

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