Domino’s Pizza Deliver Cheesy Chips And Gravy

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Domino’s are working on drone and driver-less cars to deliver pizza, but this time they’ve invented something a little less complicated…

Cheesy chips covered in gravy is a delicacy usually purchased at 2am from greasy take-aways. But Dominos are looking to make it the standard side-order to pizza.

The official description reads: “Chunky cut chips topped with a rich, traditional gravy, melted mozzarella cheese and fresh spring onion.”

Currently, the hearty side-order is only available in Australia, though it might travel across the globe if it is a success.

Domino’s have already announced the arrival of oven-baked sandwiches to their Australian customers. Other Aussie-only orders include garlic baguettes, spicy battered prawns and mac and cheese croquettes.

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The Domino’s Down Under also have exclusive access to a chicken and camembert pizza topping.

So the chippy experiment might not escape the clutches of Australia. Then again, in a few years a driver-less car may deliver your very own cheesy chips and gravy.

Can’t get your pizza fast enough? Read more about Domino’s drone experiments here.

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