Donald Trump Confirms Run For ReElection

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Donald Trump has confirmed that he will be running for re-election in 2020.

On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump shocked the world by beating Hillary Clinton in the Election Race and by becoming the next person to lead America for the next four years. It has almost been 18 months since the election and it can definitely be stated that his reign has been anything but smooth as week by week, he, his administration and his twitter do something that inspires disdain, criticism and sympathy from those watching America right now.

For example, how he handled the Parkland Shooting is an understatement, as he blamed the school shooting which left at least 17 people dead, on the FBI’s inability to follow up on a report made by the shooter instead of actually thinking about how a gun ended up into his hands in the first place. Another prime example is his idea of arming Teachers with guns which logically would do more harm than good.

Evidently, his time as president has not run smoothly, people did believe that he would step down quietly rather than run again. However, as always he manages to surprise us and has chosen to run again.

The question is, can Trump do it again?

And the answer is; possibly.

As much as his opponents (myself included) do not want to admit it, but Trump has a lot going for him.

A prime example is his addition to his campaign team, Brad Parscale, who is a digital Gugu and helped Trump in his election in 2016.  he has been named campaign manager.

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Trump Advisor in a statement says:

“Brad was essential in bringing a disciplined technology and data-driven approach to how the 2016 campaign was run, his leadership and expertise will help build a best-in-class campaign.”

Pascale oversaw the campaigns digital operations from San Antonio, which grew into one of the most controversial yet successful campaigns in presidential history. So, Brad is one of the reasons for Trump’s success, and therefore it is possible that he could help him again.

Here are additional reasons how the odds may be in his favour:

  1. The 71-year-old has been issued a clean bill of health by the white house doctor if otherwise he could have been asked to step down.
  2. Also, during his anniversary of his inauguration, there was a study about who would vote for him again, and shockingly, 82% of his niche audience that voted him in last time, would do so again.
  3. Also, the day after his inauguration he filled in the paperwork to have another term of being POTUS, therefore logically, he would have raised $22 million to fund his campaign.
  4. Unemployment stands at 4.1%, whilst this was Obama’s doing, Trump has taken the credit for it.
  5. Wages have increased to 4.4% and can match Obama’s results during his time.
  6. Finally, the question is: are democrats even battle ready?

I wish we knew the answer.

Looking at this list the odds are looking good for Trump, especially given the mindset that if people/the public find that things are going okay for them, job wise, money wise, lets say they have a little extra to spend at the end of each month, then it is most likely that they will vote for the devil they know rather for the one they don’t.

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