WATCH: The World’s Longest Zip Line Revealed

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The Guinness World Record book has just certified the longest zip line. Located in the United Arab Emirates, it has a total length of 1.7 miles and can reach speeds of 90 MPH.

The zip line is called the ‘Jebel Jais Flight’ and sits 1,680 meters up the Jebel Jais mountain. Standing at a total 1,934 metres, the mountain is the highest peak in UAE. Plans had previously been made to establish a hotel, cable car and ski slope at the top of the mountain. However, the zip line is the latest venture in bringing tourism to the area.

Would you dare to get this zip line birdseye view?

The views are comprised of the Jebel Jais ‘hairpins’, roads that have acute rounded bends. Although the view could be more exciting, if you’re not getting your kicks from being 5.5 thousand feet in the air then this might not be for you. Moreover, this will cost around £130 (650 UAE Dirham). So, this is definitely one for an adrenaline junkies’ bucket list.

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