Black Mirror’s ‘Hang The DJ’ Has Become Reality

Find Out If Your Relationship Has An Expiry Date.

So the Valentine’s Day season has come and gone, some of you lucky few may be wondering if you are going to stay with your loved one forever, whether or not they are the one? 

Well, this app makes it easier to find out your relationships expiration date!

Thanks to the Black Mirror episode; Hang The DJ, you can now use this app/website to find out how long you and your loved one’s relationship will last!

If you haven’t watched this episode of Black Mirror then don’t read any further in case of spoilers!

Image Via Digital Spy

I’m gonna guess that you’re safe if you have come this far!

Hang The DJ, if you have seen this episode, creates a simulation where a relationship is assigned for a period of time that they do not decide. they are to part after that assigned time no matter their feelings for each other. However, they can only find out their time together if they look at their respective apps together, if they don’t it signals distrust in the relationship and the expiration date recalculates to something drastic like 28 minutes.

Even if the Valentines season is over, there is no harm playing this simulation with your close friends. I recently found out that mine and my best friends relationship will last 13 years. However, there is a catch, if you try to find out your expiration date without your partner if will not work.

If you take it as gospel it’s up to you, but make sure you check it out! 

Well, while it seems like Black Mirror becoming reality, check out the creator’s thoughts about it!

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