WATCH: Parkour Runner Leaps Across Rooftops Of Hong Kong In Insane Escape Attempt

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If you’ve ever thought that sight-seeing a new country from ground-level simply isn’t adventurous enough, you might just consider throwing yourself off the rooftops of megacity buildings, hundreds of feet up in the air. Or actually, maybe leave that to parkour supergroup Storror.

Storror is a group made up of seven British lads that have a lust for building-jumping in the form of free-running and parkour, with their latest exploits situated in the Chinese capital, Hong Kong. The rather extreme sport is a movement that started in military obstacle course training – and has somehow ended up with some cocky over-zealous dudes GoPro-ing their way into Youtube history.

The latest video released features three of the lads in Hong Kong, flailing through the sky in a way that makes you feel like you’ve suddenly gatecrashed an unreleased version of GTA. Set up to show them scaling miles over rooftops to free-run away from security, the boys face heights with drops of over 120 feet – because why walk when you can do some tuck jumps over some random rooftops?


Their ventures in China marks the 76th country they’ve visited with the mere intent of throwing themselves off of buildings, with their constantly increasing hospital visit tally reaching a grand total of 21. I’m not quite sure what the locals think when they look out their window to see how their washing is drying only to see some guy cannonballing between their laundry and their neighbour’s sunbathing lounge, but hey.


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