Instagram Just Became More Stalker Friendly With This New Feature

Wondering when your boyfriend was liking that chick’s picture on Instagram? Well, now you can know!

Instagram is trying out a new feature that allows you to see when a person was last active. Insta-creepers rejoice! The way it works is the activity status will be displayed underneath the person’s Instagram handle on the direct message screen.

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Image Via: SMU Blog

According to Mashable, this “stalker’s paradise” is a change “that’ll let you keep even closer tabs on who is and isn’t ignoring you on the app.”

Kind of seems like they slowly built up to following the path of Facebook. Facebook has both the ‘activity status’ and ‘read alert’ functions. Before this update, the only way Instagram stalkers could gauge their prey was through the ‘seen’ function displayed just below a message on Instagram’s direct messaging portion of the social site.

But, the drawback for stalkers with this new feature is it only works with someone you have already connected with. It only appears in the direct messaging menu. So, to see someone’s activity status you have to follow them and communicate with them.

Good news though! This feature can be deactivated. Simply go into the app settings(click on the gear icon), and disable the ‘Show Activity Status’ function. Unless, of course, you like people seeing that you’re ghosting them. Petty level:100.

So maybe this isn’t necessarily a stalker’s paradise. But it’s definitely a jealous girlfriend’s dream!

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