Your Website Needs To Land A Knockout

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Everyone that has a hustle knows that a dope website is absolutely essential. It’s the modern day business card, it’s your first impression, it’s that beautiful bit of branding that is going snag you long-term clients. We know this, you know this, everyone knows this, yet your website is probably still lacking a few knockout blows.

It’s all about branding, baby. It doesn’t matter how sleek your office looks or how unrivalled your abilities may be; if you don’t have a website that stops people in their tracks and go “wow”, then you’re missing a trick. There are no two ways about it.

What can you do about this? Well, reading out hottest bits of advice below would be a good place to start.

  1. The Instagram Effect

The first time someone lands on your website, they’re gonna scan. That’s all they’re gonna do. They’re gonna scroll and scan and that means their eyes are going to be drawn to the images on your site more than the blocks of text, no matter how incredibly the wordsmith you hired. That’s why you need to think carefully about the high-quality imagery you display like trophies in a cabinet. Think about hiring an architectural photographer to snap your dope-looking custom car garage, organise a photoshoot so that people can see your products being used in the best light possible and consider using image libraries so that one scroll is all someone will need to get your brand.

  1. Words Will Always Win

Every brand needs to give their appearance a voice. It’s what people remember. Sure, people think Christopher Walken is a cool cat, but it’s his voice that people think of first. The same goes for Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones and Sean Connery. Appearances are just appearances; it’s personalities that keep lights on, so don’t skimp out on this. Hire a hotshot creative copywriter to develop your tone of voice. It could be a laid-back swag you are after, or you may prefer using dry-humour to draw people in. Whatever it is, don’t try and save dollar, dollar bills by doing it yourself. After all, wordsmiths are what made the pen mightier than the sword in the first place.

  1. Tell That Story Of Yours

We get it, you have some incredible products on display in your virtual shop window and that’s what people love; they love the dazzle of jewelry, the glint of whiskey in a bottle and the way models make clothes appear. However, one of the most looked at pages on any website is the “About Us” page and that’s because it tells the story of your brand. People like to know how a brand came to be and who the people behind the brand are. T’s where credibility sprouts from, where trust blossoms and where passion really gets to play around. People want to see if a brand’s story resonates with their own or, better yet, if a brand’s story is something they want to get on board with. Tell your story; it’s what makes you you.


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