“The Sopranos” Intro Got Turned Into A Russian Version With Putin In It


Putin’s footage edited to look like “The Sopranos” Intro. Something no one thought about, yet it exists, due to some random person in the fantastic internet.

First, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has nothing to do with The Sopranos, a 1999 HBO series that lasted 6 seasons, yet someone decided he would look amazing as Tony Soprano, the main character from this crime-drama series.

Moreover, Putin does deliver a different sense to the character as he is an interesting character in the real life.

For instance, interesting because of  his strength and his memes, and known to be a very powerful leader to the Russian People.

Nevertheless, the video shows Vladimir riding through Moscow, security around him.

Hence,the video gives Putin a sense of Greatness and it is something you need to see yourself today, check it below.


Now, if you’re wondering how the original intro looks, here you have it.


Finally, from these you can choose your favourite. Interestingly enough, Vladimir as Tony Soprano, it is something I would like to see. The series would feature the Kremlin and Russian Culture, giving a new sense of Russian people.

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  1. Xavier

    5th January 2018 at 10:45 pm

    Good article, the writer of this must be really awesome…

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