WATCH: How A 300 Pound Music Millionaire Became An Iron Man Athlete

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Say yes to inspiration, that’s what millionaire executive Charlie Rocket did.

Charlie Rocket had dedicated his life to his music business, selling 800 million albums. He lived in the best houses and drove the best cars, he was living the American Dream. Or so we think.

It turns out, that he neglected his health by overeating. This overeating brought down his happiness, and also caused a brain tumor that was slowly killing him.

Realising that he needed a drastic change, he changed his life; he abandoned his previous lifestyle in replacement for a new and improved one full of inspiration and happiness, he has also naturally begun curing his brain tumor!

On an aesthetic background of mountainscapes and beautiful horizons, Rocket says that you have to go back to your eight-year-old self in order to achieve your dreams. His dream was to become an athlete. He trains in marathons and is on pace to achieve and Iron Man title and has lost 120 pounds.

When all seemed impossible, Rocket said you have to find your roots in order to survive; watch as he does in this video.


Charlie Rocket is chasing his dreams, and he wants you to chase yours! Share this video with someone who needs a boost this 2018.

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