These Badass Female Christmas Tree Toppers “Run the World”

Basic angel tree toppers are staying in the past where they belong, and Women To Look Up To is creating badass tree toppers, inspired by today’s powerful female icons.

Women To Look Up To is a nonprofit organization that specializes in conducting projects that further female empowerment and equality. After perusing lists of modern women who pave the way in culture, politics, and business, WTLUT narrowed their choices for this tree topper project down to three women: Beyonce, Serena Williams, and Hillary Clinton (voted to be a topper by the public).

Here’s a rundown of WTLUT’s idea:

[vimeo 234364321 w=640 h=360]

Women To Look Up To – Inspirational Christmas Angel Tree Toppers – Queen B, Serena, AND… from Dom Butler on Vimeo.

“Every Christmas we place a ‘Topper’…made of no more than plastic and glitter on top of trees. For many, she has lost her meaning, which is why Women To Look Up To have created a range of modern female role models to place on top instead.”

Figures of these women are 3D printed with high grade plaster and depending on the size of your tree, you can buy online for about $108-$945. And if these women aren’t powerful enough for you (since your standards are obviously too high and what’s wrong with you), then you can create you own topper of someone else who inspires you. It can even be someone from your personal life.

WTLUT says “We can create your very own special someone Christmas Angel Tree Topper. The person needs to be available to visit our London studio for 3D scanning.”

Check out the toppers here:

They also have angelic holiday cards for you to choose from. Why not give a powerful woman a holiday card of a powerful woman? Keep the cycle going, you know?

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