Take Your Office Christmas Party From Lame To Ace


Ah, the office Christmas party. No one really wants to go; people just turn up out of a weird sense of social obligation. Even though these are called a ‘party’ they always seem to feel like anything but. People are on their best behavior because their boss is there, and there usually isn’t a whole lot of entertainment. In some dire instances, the office Christmas party is actually held in the office. Grim!

But it doesn’t always have to be that bad. You just need to make sure that you are part of the team who are in charge of organizing it all. And then you can follow all of these great tips to ensure that your upcoming office Christmas party is the best one yet!

Set The Date

Deciding when to hold your Christmas party is absolutely crucial. If you know that your work is going to be really busy during December, then it’s worth skipping this month altogether. Sure, your party is meant to celebrate Christmas, but it won’t matter if you wait until January to hold it. The rest of your co-workers won’t really mind, and at least it means that they will be able to relax rather than worry about how busy they are while they are at the party! Plus, waiting until January will help you and your colleagues let the Christmas celebrations last a little longer!

Find A Venue

Whatever you do, don’t just have your party in the office. No one will be able to truly relax because they’ll be at work! So, it really is worth looking for a venue to rent out. Your company should have a budget for the party, so it’s worth checking in with the finance department to see how much you can afford to spend on a party venue. If you just want to take everyone for a posh sit-down meal, you could book a table at a local r


Get Some Entertainment

You will need something to keep the party pumping all night! The most obvious choice is to hire a DJ so that you and your colleagues can enjoy a disco at the party. If you click here, you’ll be able to get some lasers and other cool accessories to create some seriously awesome lighting effects! If you want to do something a little different to a disco, it’s worth thinking about getting a band or singer to come and entertain you. As most wedding bands won’t be too busy right now, it’s worth seeing if you can find one of them to serenade your party.


Consider A Theme

Adding a theme will also be a nice touch for your party. This is also a great plan if you want to have a fancy dress party. Lots of people love fancy dress as it gives them the chance to let their hair down and show off their creative side. But you should bear in mind that not everyone will be too keen to get dressed up, so it’s important that fancy dress isn’t mandatory. If you do choose a fancy dress theme, don’t forget to take a camera – you could get some awesome photos to put up in the office over the Christmas period!


Don’t Forget Food

It’s important to have some food at your party so that your guests don’t get too hungry during the evening. Not only that, though, but the food can help soak up some of the alcohol! It’s usually easiest to simply put on a buffet so all the guests can help themselves to some nibbles whenever they want. And buffets are often cheaper than a proper sit-down meal as well. Most function rooms will include a buffet when you hire the room, so it’s worth seeing if you get some food included with your rental price. If not, you could always use a catering company. But if your party needs to be planned on a shoestring budget, you should think about doing the food yourself. Another great cheap option is to ask all the guests to bring in a dish for the buffet, like a potluck dinner. That way, you’ll have a great choice of dishes and snacks, without spending too long in the kitchen!


Encourage Mingling

If you work at a large company, people who work in different departments might not get much chance to talk to each other when they are at work. The office Christmas party is the perfect chance to change all that as you can encourage everyone to get together and mingle. If you are going to enjoy a sit-down meal together, you might want to come up with a seating plan and purposely sit people from different departments next to each other. If you are having a regular disco, you could plan some party games. Make sure that these are team games, so that you can put teams together who don’t normally work together.

Have A Competition

Everyone loves to get competitive, and your office Christmas party will be the perfect place to set up some competitions! For example, if you have a fancy dress theme, you might want to have a competition for the best costume. If you aren’t getting people to come in costume, you might want to hold a competition for the best Christmas jumper. The office Christmas party is also a great chance to give out some awards for work that has been carried out throughout the year. If your company want to give out these kinds of rewards, such as employee of the year, then you should set aside some time to give out all the prizes.


As you can see, the annual office Christmas party doesn’t always have to be so lame. There are lots of ways you can jazz it up! If you ever run out of ideas for it, it’s always worth asking all your colleagues the kind of things they want to see at the party!


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