Gifts That Should Be On Every Senior Citizen’s Wish List To Santa

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The act of giving at Christmas is something that fills our hearts with joy and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There’s nothing better than seeing a loved one open up your carefully wrapped present only to see a wide grin slowly emerge across their face as they beam with happiness at what you have bought for them. However, every Christmas we feel more and more perplexed at what we are going to get for our more elderly relatives. When we ask what they might like, they say they have it all or that they just want their family around them. While this selfless plea might be true, it doesn’t mean that we won’t buy them something that we think they might need or enjoy. Take a look at these gift ideas for your nearest and dearest of a more twilight generation.


Yes, you read right. Lego. It might be marketed mainly towards those whose age is in single digits, but don’t discount the joy of these little bricks. Lego isn’t all Ninjago and Marvel characters. There are plenty more grown-up architectural lego builds such as the White House and the Eiffel Tower for granny to construct after Christmas dinner. The need to concentrate and maintain dexterity aids those of an older generation who may be susceptible to dementia. Lego promotes cognitive function and logical thought. If your gran lives in a retirement home similar to the one at Marquardt Village, there can be a no better gift than a giant set of lego. Imagine the sight of your gran and her pals busying themselves building the Washington landscape in little plastic bricks! Bliss!


Forget smartphones, your grandad needs a photo phone. Whether he lives in a retirement home, or whether he is still living independently, a photo phone is the ultimate useful gift. He will no longer have to worry himself remembering numbers or locating the piece of paper where they are all jotted down. You can pre-program the numbers of all of his close friends and family onto the device. All your grandad has to do is simply push the photograph of the person he wishes to call. Adding more simplicity to his life will ease unnecessary stress and help him communicate with his loved ones.

Amazon Echo

Your elderly relative doesn’t have to be the most technologically astute senior citizen in the world to use the Amazon Echo. Once you have hooked it up to the wifi, your grandma can utilize Alexa to make her life infinitely more simple. She can ask Alexa to play the audiobook she has been listening to before going to sleep, add to her grocery list each week, tell her the time, day and date, explore the weather forecast or switch the lights off in her home. Removing some of the physical activity from her day will help those dodgy joints and allow her to maintain her independence.

If you’re struggling to source the perfect gift for your more mature relatives this year, consider purchasing something that will make their life easier, get their brains a little more active or help them maintain their independence.


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