KFC Launches Their Own Bath Bomb

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Hot off of an amazing appearance in “Stranger Things 2”, KFC stays in the news with a pretty bold new product: a bath bomb.

Yes, for anyone that has ever dared to utter or at least ponder the thought, “Man, I would love to take a bath filled with KFC scented herbs and spices”, your dream is finally coming true. KFC is teaming up with the Japanese Company Village Vanguard, who’s famous for their ramen scented bath bombs, to produce their own deep fried chicken scented bath bomb.

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Now to be honest, I have no idea why in the world anyone would ever want to smell like KFC. I spend 15 minutes in that damn restaurant and I feel like I need a shower and pair of clothes the instant I get home. Sure, it’s a wonderful meal, and like Steve from Stranger Things I also love KFC. But the thought of someone wanting to spend time laying in a bath full of that odor is beyond my comprehension.

Nonetheless, from November 1st until the 15th you can possibly get your hands on this new bath bomb. The official name of the product is “Chicken Smell Bathing Powder” and 100 people will be chosen via lottery to give it out. Take a look at the chicken winged themed bath bomb below.

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Oh, and if you are for whatever reason intrigued by this preposterous idea, check out the time KFC made sunscreen!

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