Fall Can Still Mean BBQ Season

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Okay, so summer is a distant memory, and Halloween is now behind you; it seems like Christmas is creeping up and before you know it, you’ll be eating turkey for a few weeks. However, what about poor old November? Surely, it’s the underdog when it comes to the autumnal months? Therefore, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a fall BBQ for your nearest and dearest, and celebrate; just because.

A barbecue is a great chance to catch up with those who you didn’t see over the Halloween festivities, and who you might not get the chance to hang out with during Christmas and New Year. A last autumn party is also the perfect excuse to eat tasty food, listen to music, and spend time with your favorite people. The following are some tips, ideas, and inspiration for those who want to continue their fall merriment and throw the ultimate chilly weather BBQ before the frost and snow really set in for the winter season ahead.

The Setting

Assuming you’ve dusted off your BBQ from summer, or you have a few disposable options at the ready (if you don’t, it’s a great place to start); you can focus on the outside, evening vibes that will keep your guests happy. Comfort is an important factor in any get-together or party setting; therefore, it’s worth telling people to wrap up warm before they arrive. You can also provide some blankets, throws, and scatter cushions on those seats you’ve put out. There should be a decent level of heat from the BBQ itself; however, patio heaters are always a plus, and if the cold becomes unbearable, simply move everyone inside. Hang festoon lights and light some candles, pop your tunes on, and start enjoying the night!

The Food

Pleasing everyone regarding your food options might be a bit of a challenge. If you’re buying meat and sandwich fillers; it’s always better to source quality, ethical produce. Companies like Smithfield Foods focus on the whole process of how they supply their meat products, so it’s worth checking them out and similar suppliers. You can also ask everyone to bring a dish; guest will often be happy to make something simple to accompany their barbecued meat or veggie options, and you’ll ensure everyone leaves full up and satiated.

The Drinks

Another great way to warm people up is to serve some mulled drinks; it’s worth checking out a few wine, juice, and mulled cider recipes, and keeping the delicious beverages on the stove or BBQ all night. Pop a ladle into the pot and encourage people to help themselves when they fancy a warming, sweet drink with their burgers and hotdogs. Again, if people have drinks preferences; they’ll often bring their own, especially to an informal and friendly get-together, so don’t be afraid to pop BYOB in the group Whatsapp thread. As long as people are warm, fed, hydrated, and in great company (that’s you); you’ll be able to throw the best autumn BBQ, and it will probably become an annual event!


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