The Solution To Air Pollution As Shown By Other Countries

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As citizens of the United States, we can take great pleasure in knowing that our fine land leads the way in many aspects of modern life. Unfortunately, air quality is not one of them. Collectively, we are among the worst culprits on the planet. On a brighter note, the country is proactive in its quest to join the best.

 However, there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other countries, especially those that are ahead of us. After all, even our cleanest cities pale to other destinations around the globe. While it will take time to rectify the damage, finding a return to the right pathway should be top of the social agenda.

The first country to look at is Denmark, where intelligent energy is on course to making the country CO2 neutral by 2050. In addition to conducting intense research into alternatives from fossil fuels, the Danes put those ideas into place. From green approaches to home and business energy to using biodegradable items, the impacts are huge.

Staying in Europe, Germany is another country that has paved the way for progress. This is especially true when looking at their approach to recycling. The incineration processes may not be perfect, but they are far better than letting trash sit in landfills. Moreover, the methods used can turn waste into energy too.   

Given that over half of all US food produce ends up in the bin, utilizing that waste in an effective manner could make a telling difference. At this stage, anything that actively reduces the use of fossil fuels has to be considered a forward step.

One area where our country does perform well is car pollution. The technology behind hybrid and electric cars has grown at a rapid rate in recent years. Frankly, the market is now blessed with a number of great vehicle models that cause less damage. Moreover, the increased affordability has enabled more people to do their bit.


However, the country could still do more on this front, not least with public transport. When people collectively use public transport facilities, the overall carbon footprint is reduced. Unfortunately, commuters often find that driving or taking a taxi is the best option. Compared to the battery-powered trains in rural Japan, US systems look outdated. Very outdated.

 Air pollution isn’t all about collective ideas. We should all take individual responsibility for actions. Walking or cycling for short journeys can make a big difference. Meanwhile, simple ideas like quitting cigarettes can also help. Even household changes, such as heating one room rather than the whole property reduces the carbon footprint. People living in poorer countries have to do this for financial reasons, but U.S citizens should follow suit regardless of finances.

 The United States is making positive moves but could be doing so more. As an individual, correcting your mistakes while actively backing green energies is essential. If we all did our bit, the quality of air and general environmental friendliness would improve in next to no time.


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