Your Bad Habits Are Killing Your Great Business. Period

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There ain’t no such thing as an entrepreneur without ambition. Oh, don’t worry, you can take your time looking if you like. Please. From Florida to Timbuktoo, London to Sydney – every entrepreneur is hungry for success, slobbering at the gob like a full moon werewolf. Yet, something is clearly going wrong because the majority of startups fail within the first two years of doing business.

Sure, you could blame Donald Trump for the simple fact he screws everything else up, but the truth is there are some things you can’t blame on the government. The truth is, it is poor leadership that is letting businesses fail.

The good new is, we’re dope. That’s a fact. And to prove it, we have pulled together a list of rubbish entrepreneurial habits you need to quash as soon as you possibly can:

Stay Focussed On The Bigger Things

Trying to manage the hectic and overwhelming world of business is part and parcel of running a company. Your business is your baby and so you naturally want to play as many roles as possible. However, you have got to prioritise or else you will sink. You need to focus on the bigger priorities or else you won’t make any meaningful progress, and then what’s the point.

Create Systems To Scale

Look, we get it, you’re in the early days of something, which lands you within the bell curve of “relaxed startup”. You have a few guys and girls working for you, an unremarkable office somewhere off the 49, three of four clients that keep you afloat and no real need to create rules or systems or processes just for the sake of it. But you should. Even says so. No, it won’t be fun, but it will be necessary if you want to scale.

Stop being Reactive

This is the silent killer of all too many businesses. The reactive entrepreneur decides on the route he or she wants to take and then deals with any obstacles when they come up. This is no good. Waiting for your computers to fail or your suppliers to tell you they’ve gone bust is going to see you scrambling. Instead, you need to be prepared. You need to get an IT support company that proactively monitors your needs, such as the legends at, and you need to have multiple suppliers so that your eggs aren’t in one basket. Proactive entrepreneurship is the only way you will overcome challenges before they become crippling.

Run The Risk More

“Nothing great ever came from comfort zones.” If you don’t already have that generic office poser in your lobby then you need to go on Etsy or wherever and get it. Hell, you should get two. Taking risks is absolutely necessary for an entrepreneur to improve. Starting what you did was a risk, one that you reveled in, but you can’t stop there. Playing it safe in business means losing ground. It means becoming stagnant. So, stop playing that game and start experimenting with new angles, perspectives, products, marketing techniques and whatever else.


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