Chinese Restaurant Game Lets You Chop Up Cats & Dogs- Yikes!

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It’s no taboo that the Chinese eat cats and dogs. We all know it happens. But…it’s not exactly something we like to visualise and think about in depth. But hey, now we can anyway!

In our culture, we eat cows,  pigs, chickens, ducks, and more. There really is no reason why a dog or cat has any more value than any of those animals. Especially considering pigs actually have a higher IQ than dogs. So, I’m not here to criticise Chinese customs and traditions. However, as a dog and cat owner, like many others, I find the idea of eating domesticated animals we all know as pets very upsetting. No one can stop it from happening, but I think a lot of us would rather not imagine it.

Well, we’re in for some luck! This new Chinese Restaurant game allows you as the player to chase, kill, and chop up dogs and cats and then prepare them as a meal for the restaurant. Yeah. It’s not quite as PG as ‘Cooking Mama’.

The game has been branded by many as ‘offensive’ and as unnecessarily vulgar. Naturally, it has sparked outrage and controversy amongst many.  This is not just to do with its violent nature, but more so its not-so-subtle racism. The main issue with the game is its portrayal of Chinese individuals as savage and violent. The game also gives users the option to pay them a shockingly low pay, as well as part of the game being to not get them deported.

Dirty Chinese Restaurant: The Game


The start of the beginning sums it up really: ‘Because being politically correct is so boring.’ Clearly the people who make this game and others of its kind are knowingly being offensive. Although they may not mean the game to have racist intentions but more as just humorous fun, it undeniably comes across as bigoted. Even the name itself ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ has racist and derogatory undertones.  In the messed up, divided world we live in today I suppose you could argue that a silly game like this isn’t important. But, what it represents could certainly be applied to a wider context. It would probably just be best if racial stereotypes weren’t used in media/games for entertainment purposes. But hey, small steps…

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