Dead Gangster’s Last Words Reveal A Very Weird Secret About Tom Cruise

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A gangster has revealed with his last ever words a strange secret- that Tom Cruise ISN’T gay. I didn’t realise that anyone thought he was, but ok.

Tom Cruise has always been a bit of a question mark in my opinion. He is controversial in a lot of ways. One of his most notable controversial points is his significant involvement with the bizarre religion of scientology. It is also no secret that he’s had a tumultuous past with regards to his many ex lovers. There has even been a conspiracy theory that Cruise’s marriage to Katie Holmes was actually a sham. However, one that I haven’t heard is that Cruise is secretly gay.

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A new conspiracy theory- Tom and Leo?

Johnny Fratto, a notorious con artist and gangster, sadly died at age 61. With an action-filled life of infamy and scandal, you would expect his last words to be something elusive…or at least something cool. Interestingly enough, Fratto’s last words happened to concern the sexual orientation of Tom Cruise. I mean… did anyone…actually ask?

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Groundbreaking stuff. It is thought that Fratto’s revealing words about him were also evident in his biography-published after his death. Cruise and Fratto worked together, Fratto acting as his mentor helping him learn how to be a pool hustler for the 1986 movie ‘The Colour of Money’.  Fratto confirmed what we all already thought: that Tom Cruise had no issue picking up girls, and was definitely interested in doing so. I’d definitely be more surprised to find out that he secretly has crippling anxiety that holds him back from ever being confident around women.

So there you have it folks, you can finally sleep better at night knowing that Tom Cruise is NOT gay.

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