Hermit Crabs Use Doll Heads As Makeshift Shells

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Here we have a coconut crab–a species of the hermit crab–in the Pacific Pitcairn Islands using a horrific baby doll head as its shell.  Pollution, my friends.

This crab must be young, because juvenile coconut crabs still need to use empty gastropod shells for protection.  As this guy (or gal) grows up, he or she will develop an exoskeleton that will serve as protection.

Here’s another instance of the same thing in Green Island, Taiwan.  This one might be even creepier.

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Of all the shells on these islands, why choose doll heads?  Maybe they were the closest “shells” in sight?  Maybe they were just the perfect fits?  Is there a shell-shortage happening?

It’s a good thing these heads went to good use; they very much so could’ve hurt other animals.  And for all we know, these heads could’ve floated to these islands from across the world.

Whether it’s a creepy doll head or a water bottle, throw trash and recyclable items where they belong, which isn’t the ocean (or ground)!  Things thrown out of car windows can get washed up from rain and eventually enter streams, which eventually enter larger bodies of water, all which eventually causes things on this level of ridiculousness to happen.  #RespectTheEnvironment

Speaking of horrific, check out photos of the absolutely horrific pollution epidemic in China, here.

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