Red Bull District Ride 2017- Worlds First 1440 On A Mountain Bike!

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Red Bull District Ride played host to a world first in mountain biking. 

After a 3 year break, the world’s top freeride bike event is back in Nuremberg, Germany. Competitors from around the world put forward their best tricks in this city-based slope-style contest. The bike athletes competed in 5 different districts of the old town, with the audience allowed right up close to the action.


Nicholi Rogatkin was undoubtedly the star of the show, finishing the event with a 1440! If, like me, you’re a newbie to the biking world, I’ve done the research for you! A 1440 is simply four 360 degree spins in the air. It might look simple on the following video but four spins whilst travelling at high speeds and heights is one scary move!

Nicholi Rogatkin’s Winning Trick In The Red Bull District Ride!


This insane trick put Rogatkin ahead of Emil Johansson and Szymon Godziek, placing first overall! For those of you who think that it still looks easy, here’s a POV clip for you!


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