Cliff Diver Mike Berritta Takes On 91 Foot Cliff

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You know, there are some things that everyone wants to try. Travel the world, go skydiving, climb Mt. Everest… Among them is cliff-diving, and cliff diver Mike Berritta doesn’t just want do to it—he does it. A lot.

His latest endeavor was a headfirst dive off a 91 foot cliff.

Cliff Mike Berritta

Yeah, that one. Remarkably, he walked away (well, swam away) unscathed. When asked if the fall hurt at all, Berritta commented,

“it barely hurt at all. I landed head first not hands first but i smacked my left thigh just a little bit. That was about the extent of the pain.”

(Meanwhile, I’m over here yelling “ow” when I hear a loud noise. Amazing.)

Apparently Mike Berritta’s been doing insane jumps like this since 2011. You can check them out on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

Here’s the clip from his 91-foot jump, though:

Speaking of giant rock faces, go ahead and give this a read.

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