The Number Of Instagram Followers You Have Can Help You Get Rich!

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If you have an Instagram account like me, then you know that millennials enjoy using it. Mostly to share photos of their fancy food and drinks. But with the occasional outfit of the day photo too.

Most people only use Instagram to gain the acceptance and likes of their friends. However, if you’re serious about it, then you could be making tons of money.

The main way to make money is to get a brand to pay you directly to post about their product. If you have a lot of followers, likes and viewer engagement, then interested brands reach out to you.

The cost of an actual Instagram post has been debated for a long time by marketers. However, Influencer Marketing Hub has come up with the Instagram Money Calculator to help us figure it out.

Check this diagram out, which is using Beyonce’s Instagram account for the stats:

Basically, the more followers you have, the more money you can earn.

Just look at the numbers above. Life is so unfair. Beyonce doesn’t even need the money, yet she has all the followers, therefore the brand support.

I need to start evaluating my Instagram account to see how I can get more followers. Probably need to cut down on the pizza posts, then.

Or I could just head over to the Instagram accounts of the rich kids of Dubai to see how they rack up the followers.

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