Trump Distastefully Jokes About Having His Face On Mount Rushmore

As usual, Donald Trump caused another rift in the Twitterverse this past week with a joke about putting his face on Mount Rushmore, and you know what? It went exactly as you’d expect it to.


Now, to speak candidly, this is just silly. I don’t see a more fitting way to summarize this. It’s silly on Trump’s part, and it’s honestly silly on everyone’s else’s part, too. Some of the pictures and edits people have made are hilarious, but a lot of the reactions in popular and social media are ridiculous. The general consensus is that he’s actually going to do it or wants to. He even mentions that people are still going to say he believes he should be up there, and he’s right.

There are very few things (close to nothing) that I can agree with when it comes to good ol’ Donald, and weirdly enough, this is one of them. Mind you, it was a ballsy joke, but we all know that it’s not realistic and would never happen, and he knows it too. He also went as far to say that he can be more presidential than any other president in American history, with the exception of Honest Abe, which is also very ballsy. However, that’s just typical Donald running his mouth.

I hate the term “fake news” and the general war on media nowadays, but this is very blatantly blown out of proportion, so let’s take a step back. Is this really a problem worth 140 characters? On the bright side, there’s always a silver lining. Check out some of these hilarious responses to Trump’s distasteful joke, including a a clip from one of the biggest late night comedy guys, Stephen Colbert:


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