Russian Climber Is The First To Ever Jump Off Huascarán In Peru- And It Looks Scary AF

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Valery Rozov is a famous Russian base jumper and climber. He has been the first person ever to jump off Huascarán in Peru, which is an extremely brave stunt.

Rosov leapt from an incredible height of 6, 725 metres and managed to pull off the manouvre perfectly. So, for anyone who’s scared of heights, this may just seem like an act of pure madness. However, this climber is passionate about what he does, and Huascarán was clearly his latest challenge.

The jump:



As you can see from the clip, that is a big drop. Try to tell me your heart wasn’t racing throughout that whole video. That jump is absolutely insane!

Base jumping and climbing involves the team climbing to the summit which can take any amount of time from a couple of days, or up to a week. Afterwards, once the summit has been reached, base jumpers jump off with their parachute. Base jumping has been branded by The Telegraph as ‘The world’s most dangerous sport’.

Huascarán is a mountain located in the Peruvian province of Yungay. It’s southern summit is the highest point in Peru; additionally, it is the fourth highest mountain in all of South America. It took Rosov and his team  of climbers five days to reach the summit, so this must have really been an exhilerating but intense journey.

Valery Rozov poses for a portrait at the 7 BASE Summits Jump in Huascarán in Huaraz, Peru on July 4, 2017

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Rosov, you’re doing an amazing job- keep doing you!

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