Malaguf’s No Longer The Ideal Holiday Destination Thanks To Brits

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Malaguf, a major holiday resort that caters to the British, Russian, Irish, and German, has recently been the main focus of local authorities in Mallorca who wish to chance the party image of the island. There’s even been a street drinking ban established in an effort to clean up the area. In the past few days more attention has been drawn to Malaguf and the British partiers that inhabit the resort in result of ‘The Maga Walk of Shame’ Facebook page. 

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Although there are photos documenting Brits taking Malaguf dating back to the 50’s (I’m saying this at the risk of sounding like a Baby Boomer or a Gen X-er) things are different these days. You know that drunken night that you wouldn’t want to remember even if you could? It’s being posted on Facebook and picked up by news outlets like The Daily Mail. Not just pictures, but videos as well. There’s even been a video of a British couple having sex.

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Another disgusting element of this intrusive Facebook page is the fact that it’s undeniably misogynistic and perverted; with most embarrassment focused towards women. They are shown trying to cover their bodies and faces, but one “rep” says says if “you’re going to go to Malaguf expect to be on the page.”

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As of right now, there are many reasons as to why people should spend their holidays somewhere else. Spain has been disconcerted with quickly spiraling reputation of the Malaguf, and I think it’s time that vacationers listen the locals. What’s happening in Malaguf is not staying in Malaguf, it’s following partiers home thanks to social media. What happened to “No Carbs Before Marbs?”

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