This Beautiful Secret Underwater Tunnel Will Make You Briefly Forget Your Problems

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Deep in the caves beneath Sweden’s Bjurälven River, lies an incredible naturally-formed tunnel that looks like something out of The Goonies.

This cave, which is being called The Secret, has the mystical quality of a vivid dream or another dimension. It was first discovered by three divers back in 2013. Since then, it has been visited by a little over a dozen other adventure-seekers.

What makes this previously unknown cave so unique, you ask? Aside from its beauty, it contains an enormous air pocket that stretches for over a hundred meters, making it more accessible to divers, and giving is a scenic beauty that can’t be seen anywhere above sea-level.


The video of the cave’s exploration shows how erosion has left its walls dimpled with deep, wave-like patterns that match the currents that formed them. It’s hard to believe that this isn’t actually on another planet.

(Don’t watch if you have an irrational fear of tight spaces, being under water, or Sweden).

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