Madrid Bans ‘Manspreading’ On Public Transport

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Madrid have decided to battle against a public transport nuisance; manspreading.  

The public annoyance involves men taking up too much space on busses, trains, trams, and even planes! Spreading your legs not only takes up room, but also makes those around you feel incredibly uncomfortable. (We don’t all want a front row seat to your junk show, guys!)

However, after the example set by Tokyo and New York, Madrid launched a poster campaign to help prohibit the act.


The Microrrelatos Feministas petitioned for the campaign and stated:

“All modes of public transport have stickers indicating reserved seats for pregnant women, disabled persons or the elderly. But there is one thing that affects us all, almost every time we take public transport: manspreading.” 

This particular petition gained over 12,000 signatures, meaning that all trains and busses in the Spanish capital would have to carry the #Stopthespread poster.


I understand that seeing some guy’s crotch on display is rude and can awkward, but it seems an exaggeration to launch an entire campaign!

Do you agree with Madrid’s actions?

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