Take A Look Inside This £2 Million A Year Cannabis Factory

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When you think of repurposing a space, you usually think of an upcycling design, right? Well, three people from Somerset (UK) had a different idea about how to take a space and reassign its purpose.

Wiltshire police discovered an underground nuclear bunker converted into a massive cannabis factory, according to The Sun.

In an article posted to BBC News’s website, “The former Ministry of Defence bunker was built in the 1980s to protect local dignitaries and government officials in the event of a nuclear attack.”

A midnight police raid back in February exposed nearly all of the building’s 20 rooms were converted for cannabis production. 4,000 cannabis plants were seized in the raid, according to BBC News, worth nearly £2m a year.

As of June 9th, Martin Fillery, 45, Plamen Nguyen, 27, and Ross Winter, 30 have pleaded guilty “to conspiracy to produce class B drugs and abstracting electricity.”


According to The Sun, a UK news source, “Anyone found possessing cannabis can be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison, an unlimited fine or both punishments.”

Fillery, Ngyuen, and Winter will be sentenced August 11 of this year.

This isn’t the first nuclear bunker in England to be converted into a cannabis factory. Check out another creative refurbishment. 

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