VIDEO: Guy Martin Is Ejected From His Seat As His Bike Bounces Hard Against A Curb

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In the opening lap of the Isle of Man TT 2017, Superbike Race, Guy Martin tried shifting gears on his Honda, but mistakenly switched to neutral, which caused his bike to lock up and, in effect, launched him from the safety of his seat.

Martin is a fairly expert rider, so this occurrence came as a shock to both he and his racing squad. The footage of the totally unprovoked spill was caught on his bike’s GoPro and can be seen in the below video that also features a follow up interview with the obviously frustrated and shaken Martin.  

His abnormally wide eyes really say it all and I imagine that he will be looking to keep them ajar come next race. It is rather incredible that a bum wrist was all that he suffered and his answer of “I’m here” to the question “How are you?” pretty much captures the essence of how much he flirted with death that day.

Unfortunately, death is a risk that every racer runs by agreeing to compete and the Isle of Man TT is no stranger to seriously injured or slain riders. There have been over 250 fatalities in the race’s history; luckily Martin was not added to the list of deaths.

If you enjoy stories about extreme sports, then give this a whirl.

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