WATCH: Ever Wondered How To Waterslide Like a Pro? Well, Here’s How…

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Let’s not lie, watersliding is fun. We all love watersliding now as much as we did when we were kids. Associations of summer fun, a simpler time and that adrenaline rush.

The real question is, what’s the difference between mediocre watersliding and Pro water sliding? I suppose most of us don’t actually have enough time on our hands to think about that. Let alone actually practise it ourselves. This guy on the other hand, he’s done it! With most likely hours and hours of practise, and a few errors along the way this dude has become the absolute boss of waterslides.

You can’t help but laugh at his incredibly witty caption. ‘Sliding (literally) into the DM’s like…’ But I mean seriously, look at how smooth that whole manoeuvre is. He comes off the slide, manages to somehow skid across the surface of the water keeping himself up long enough to slide onto the ground at the other end. And then just casually gets up and puts on his t-shirt as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened. 10/10 water sliding abilities if you ask me!

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