WATCH: Michael K. Williams Release The Most Powerful Short Film Of 2017!

At a time when political tensions are the highest they’ve been in years. And reports on those in power are getting crazier. It’s great to see people fighting for what they believe in all over. 

And that’s exactly what Michael K. Williams has done. You’ll know him from his work as Chalky White in ‘Boardwalk Empire’ or Omar Little in ‘The Wire’ (Both of which I highly recommend.) The video is almost three minutes long, but sh*t it’s powerful.

The short film involves Williams alone, but as four different versions of himself. They all take turns interrogating him on escaping being typecast. Starting with a metaphor on cats (stay with me) the conversation soon gets down to the nitty gritty. And forces you to address the real issues. What does it mean to be typecast?

While, Williams says ‘I’d be in prison or shot if I were being typecast’ which is a misconception many people believe. It highlights other forms of typecasting, such as the roles William’s plays. Also, touching on the change in presidents. The ending on the film ends with a questions ‘Are you sure?” after Williams explains that he made the choices, and he got out and made his own life. It creates an almost haunting atmosphere, but incredibly important. And it most definitely opens up your mind to the issues our society has with Typecasting. Check it out below, and you will completely agree with me.

I love seeing people tackles issues the world currently faces. And this video is super important at this time, and we would love to hear your thoughts on it. If you enjoyed this article, why not check this out? Watch John Oliver tackle Trump.

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