Teletubbies’ Totalitarian Terror

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Have you ever watched Teletubbies and suddenly realised that it is actually about an androgynous slave race being controlled by a totalitarian power? No? Well supposedly, that’s the terrifying truth.

I have to admit that watching the Teletubbies as an adult is not the same experience it was as a child. It’s creepy. There is a giant baby’s face in the sky. There is a living hoover. A hoover that breathes. If that’s not enough, what about this?:


I never thought it was because there was something dark and dystopian behind it all. But according to ‘ReaderOfTheFanfics’ (if that name doesn’t command respect, then what does, right?) Teletubbies really isn’t what it seems.

This guy claims that Teletubbies is a warning. It depicts a ‘genetically engineered slave race’ isolated on an island and forced to follow the instructions of a broadcasted voice…

Well, at least they had tubby toast.

Of course, a Creepypasta video is hardly a reputable source. And the dark music and satanic picture of a Teletubbie hardly scream ‘fact’.

But wouldn’t disbelief just be an effect of indoctrination? Then again… maybe not.

Take a look for yourself:


Who needs Black Mirror when you have Teletubbies?

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